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Cockroach Control Services

As we all know, cockroaches are the most commonly found pest in household in the world. The sizes of cockroaches can range from 1.5 to 3 inches. The three most common breeds of cockroaches found in United States are German, Oriental and American roach. Your home can be attractive to them due to different reasons. So it is important to know the type of cockroach in order to get rid of them. The most common cockroach which is found indoor is German roach. They are mostly attracted to water. So if you can somehow reduce the access of water sources, you can reduce the roach infestation.

The other ways of controlling cockroach infestations are proper storage of food and daily cleaning. Cockroaches generally enter our house in search of food, water and shelter. Once they have found a suitable area, they breed and multiply very quickly,  which will hamper your comfort and health. So it is better to get rid of the cockroaches before they can infest. Along with cockroaches enters bacteria which are responsible for food poisoning, diarrhoea, allergies and skin rashes. If they are present in a large number, they give out of foul odour.

It is important to have a plan before deciding how to kill cockroaches. There are many different cockroach control methods.

Cockroach Control Services
Cockroach Control Services

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches?

1. The Problem Areas Must Be Marked with Flashlights and Glue Strips

When you are considering Cockroach Control Services methods, it is important that you examine the areas in your home which might be infested by cockroaches. Use of flashlight to detect the hiding spots like behind the refrigerator, under the sink, corners of cabinets and shelves, etc. You can also use large glue strips to mark the areas of larger infestation. Based on your flashlight predictions, mark the areas where you can place the strips. You need to monitor those areas for a few days or a week. Where the cockroaches are more in number, does strips will catch cockroaches in those areas. So, those are the areas which need special treatment.

Cockroaches Control
Cockroaches Control

2. In Order to Close Gaps, Use Caulk So you Can Prevent Further Infestation.

Traps are effective only on the cockroaches which are already present in the house but they doesn’t prevent them from entering from outside. Use caulk at the entry points to prevent them from entering through gaps between walls and tiles and other entry holes. You can also put weather strips on doors and windows to seal them.

3. Spread Boric Acid Powder to Control Their Breeding

Professional Pest Control
Professional Pest Control

Boric acid, which is generally found in detergents and toothpaste, works best to kill cockroaches. But one set back of this is that it can be misapplied or can be displaced by air to another place where it might come in contact to children and pets. It is a chemical composition of boron, water and boric acid which doesn’t affect children or pets much but is deadly to cockroaches. This is one of the most used cockroach control methods.If you need any specialist to clean your house out of cockroaches and look after your safety you can choose Ses Carpet Cleaning for cockroach removal. The professional pest control methods are sure to help you.

4. Use Diatomaceous Earth For Cockroach Removal.

When you find any cockroach-infested area in your house then you can use diatomaceous earth. This is the best way to kill cockroaches and prevent your home from infestation. It is safe for use and non-toxic which means it can kill and remove all the cockroaches from the infested area without making any harm to you and your family. But remember, keep away your pets from this because they can lick it and it gets heavy itching or makes your pet ill.

5. Baits Can Also Be Helpful

Although these pests can survive a nuclear attack, but these simple home remedies can easily kill them. You can apply baits for cockroaches if they are less in numbers. Baits attract cockroaches and kill them easily. The cockroach attracts with the sweet smell of bait and when it comes to contact it infects the cockroach and when he goes into his area, it infects other cockroaches too and kills them in minimal time.

Seek Help From Professionals

In case after trying various DIY solutions the problem still persists then you can go for the help of professionals from Ses Carpet Cleaning. We have been rendering our efficient cockroach control services for more than 20 years in this industry. Therefore have got the full expertise to exterminate them.