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Is your carpet damaged by flooding? Call us today to get your carpet cleaned and restored without any hassles;

Due to vagaries of weather such as excessive rain or storm can flood your home. Moreover, faulty plumbing fittings might lead to leaks that may unexpectedly water damage your home. A flooded carpet is a nightmare for tenants since cleaning and drying the carpet at home takes a long time. Moreover, a flooded carpet contains excessive moisture that may lead to growing of molds and mildews. These organisms might affect the health of people and animals living in the home. Shelling out medical fees on top of restoring your flooded home might be the last thing on your mind. Fret not, Carpet Cleaning is a professional company that will deep clean and restore your water flooded carpet in no time.

Flood Damage Carpet Services

Whenever your home is flooded and your carpet is water damaged, contact us at 1800 338 554 and do the following;

Rather than replacing your fancy luxurious carpet that has been water damaged, get them professionally cleaned by our experts. Our professional cleaning experts visit your home immediately to get your carpets cleaned. Our expertise cleaning technology removes excess water from your flooded carpets. Our experts also remove microorganisms that may grow in your carpets due to excessive moisture. Moreover, the deep cleaned carpets are odor-free and made to dry quickly.

Our cleaning technology used at Carpet Cleaning;

  • As soon as our professionals arrive at your location, our professionals follow a standard set of procedures to restore your water damaged carpets by following the prescribed steps in chronological order;
  • The cleaning experts will perform a visual inspection to assess the water damage and provide an evaluation report to the customer.
  • After extensive evaluation, the water-soaked carpets will be cleaned by removing the water from it.
  • The padding underneath the carpet will carefully be removed and discarded to prevent mold from growing.
  • Using our expert technology, pre-conditioning agents will be applied to the carpet.
  • The waterlogged carpet is treated with carpet friendly cleaning solutions to removes bad odors and other organisms.
  • The odors and water stains on the carpet are removed by professional grooming experts.
  • The carpet is thoroughly rinsed with our patented solution and treated with specialized equipment to reduce drying time.
  • The carpet is quick-dried and special Carpet Cleaning solutions are applied to protect your restored carpet.

Tips to control the damage before we reach;

  • Our company professionals are available round the clock and will reach you as quickly as possible from the time a call is placed. On the other hand, you can minimize the water damage to your carpet by following a set of precautions;
  • If your carpet is flooded, remove the carpet from the flooded area and place it in a dry area.
  • Try to drain the excess water from your carpet by using a wet vacuum cleaner.
  • You can place moisture-absorbing towels and tissues to soak up the excessive moisture.
  • Refrain from using a vacuum cleaner if your sockets are water damaged as it may damage the appliance.
  • Do not use harmful detergents and cleaning liquids to clean your water-soaked carpets.
  • Do not allow your pets or children to touch the water-soaked carpet as they might contain molds and mild dew. Always use disposable gloves while handling your wet carpet.

Why should you hire us?

If you hire the professionals from Carpet Steam Cleaning Adelaide skilled in water damage restoration Adelaide, you can be assured about the following;

  • Round the clock cleaning solutions
  • Best deep cleaning using our expert technology
  • A renowned company with years of technical expertise
  • Carpet restoration and quick-drying technology
  • Cost-efficient cleaning solutions for carpet restoration
  • A home friendly cleaning solution

Keep a note of Ses Carpet Cleaning – 0488 851 277, so that you can contact us when you need to get your carpet restored from water damaged.