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Over time dust, dirt and debris present in the atmosphere come in contact with curtain and settle down there. Which makes the curtain look muddy and ugly, moreover, sometimes spills and stain occurs on the curtain and worsen the condition of the curtain.

All these clusters of problems made us perpetuate the cleaning, and the difficult dilemma is how you can make your curtain clean and sanitize. Curtain Steam Cleaning is the best way to do the Curtain Cleaning and Curtain Sanitization. You can do the Curtain Steam Cleaning by yourself, all you need is some supplies, such as machine and cleaners etc.

In this blog, I’ll write the necessary items and equipment which is needed to do the Curtain Steam Cleaning.

Curtain-Steam Cleaning
Curtain Steam Cleaning

Items Needed For Curtain Steam Cleaning.

  • Steam cleaning machine.
  • Steam cleaning solvent.
  • Commercial stain removal.
  • Vacuum cleaner.

Follow These Steps For Curtain Steam Cleaning.

Here are the steps for Curtain Steam Cleaning, follow them carefully and ensure the safe and complete curtain cleaning.

1. Vacuum Clean The Curtain.

Vacuum..vacuum & vacuum, vacuum your curtain as much as you can. Dust, dirt and debris sit on the curtain and cover the surface with layers of dust. So, make sure all the dust has been removed while vacuuming, steam clean uses steam, which moistens the dust thus it’d be difficult to remove the dust then. There, it’s recommended to vacuum clean the curtain thoroughly, use a dust attachment before vacuum cleaning.

2. Treat Stains.

After vacuuming, stains should be treated separately, stains act as a dirt magnet and if ignored, it can ruin the curtain. In order to remove stains, you have to use some commercial stain removal product. If the curtain is muddy, apply the stain removal solvent and then blot the stain using a cloth. Dab the cloth against the stain and try to remove the stain as much as you can, every time you dab the cloth, the stain will gradually disappear.

3. Begin Steam Cleaning.

Get a steam cleaning machine, you can either buy one or rent from a rental store. Make sure whichever you’re going to choose is made of good quality. Steam cleaning machine should be handled properly or else it might malfunction. Therefore, read the instruction manual carefully, before starting the cleaning. Turn on the machine, first add water then add cleaning solvent, keep the consistency of water and shampoo balanced. Because the adding too much of shampoo would make the curtain soapy. Run the cleaning machine from upward to downward and slowly move the machine, so that it will clean the curtain properly and remove all the dust.

Professional Curtain Steam Cleaning
Professional Curtain Steam Cleaning

For Complete And Proper Cleaning, Hire Professionals.

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