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When conducting a water damage restoration work, a checklist will make your life so much easier. By using one, you can ensure that nothing is left behind in the process. If you haven’t developed one, need not worry.

Here’s a comprehensive checklist you need to follow when dealing with flood damage restoration:

Water Damage Restoration

Major Checklist

Insurance Claims:-
If you own a house, then you should definitely inform your insurer at the
earliest. Even if you don’t, you must be owning many of the appliances affected
by the water. If some of these are covered under insurance damage, then
informing your insurance company about the water damage will fetch you higher
prices for the damage. On your part, you can take photographs of the affected
area and transfer them to your insurance adjuster.

Electrical System Checks:- Water is the foe of electrical appliances. In presence of water, these appliances can get short circuit and get severely damaged. Moreover, since water conducts electricity, this poses threat to both you and your family members. Therefore, turn off the main power switch and unplug all the electrical appliances that are present in the affected area before you start Carpet Flood damage restoration work.

Carpets and
– Carpets are prone to damage from water leakage. And these
carpet flood damages are stubbornly difficult to dry and clean since they are
porous and retain water for a longer period of time. Therefore, make
arrangements to dry your carpet as soon as possible. Similarly, take extra
precaution for furnishing items like furniture and curtains.

Wall damage:- Next,
inspect wall damage and see where the water has penetrated. Depending upon your
wall, you need to use something for ventilation and use baseboard for cutting
holes. Both of these will help regulate the air. Drying walls completely can
take months.

Mold Prevention:- Molds can ruin your house. And the presence of water accelerates their growth. Therefore, you need to arrange disinfectants and apply them wherever necessary after drying out the spaces. Leave no room for molds to grow.

Minor Checklist for
water damage areas;

These are the things that can be scheduled to be taken care
of later. While they’re still important when carrying out a carpet flood damage
restoration work, they’re not as important as the major checklist items
mentioned above. The minor checklist includes:

Subfloors:- After
taking care of the floors and carpet, next check the subfloors. Most vacuum
cleaners cannot dry them. So if affected, you need to take them out and dry

Wood floors:- If
your flooring happens to be of wood, then they’ll swell after few weeks. So you
have to remove a board every few feet to reduce the effect of buckling.

Wall Finishes:- After
you’ve applied disinfectants, you can use a phosphate-free paint which will
give your wall a new look.

Sanitation:- If the damage was caused by a natural calamity like tornado, flood, or typhoon, then you need to wait till your local water supply is declared safe by the government or public health department. Until then, take extra measures while dealing with drinking water and food.

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There can be so much more items included in a Carpet water damage restoration Adelaide checklist. But these are just the main ones which must be taken care of anyhow. Depending upon your house and flood severity, you may have distinct requirements. Feel free to include them once you start the restoration work with Ses Carpet Cleaning, and get rid of torturing problems pertaining to water damage forever.

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